Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The appeal of a good performer

Queen is one of the most highly recognized bands of its time. The bands music is still listened to by a completely different generation today. Watching the video of Queen's concert showed me the affects of an exhilarating performance by performer's that captured everyone's attention. The message they were trying to deliver was received by everyone watching. This performance inspires many to put forth the amount of energy and charisma that Queen put forth in their concert. Although, we are talking about music, we can apply this inspirational performance to all aspects of life. In our case, it is becoming a Physical Education teacher and role model to our students. It shows that maybe the old, boring, conventional way isn't always the best way. Although it is looked at as the right way, we have alternative ways to be creative and more captivating. The concert wasn't only enjoyable for me but beneficial as well.

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