Thursday, October 1, 2009

First obstacle in my journey

After watching my video of teaching the basic soccer pass, I saw a lot of room for improvement. In order, to progress in teaching I need to be more vocal, and show more enthusiasm. I made some mistakes due to nerves and inexperience. For one I turned my back to the class. Another, would be I should give more clear cut directions ofmy drill. The projection of my voice needs to be greater. Overall, I need to build confidence in my teaching abilities. Although, it is a lttle tougher teaching in front of my peers, it will help get to the next level for the future. I took notes on my positives and negatives, and now it is time to move forward!

As I looked at my time coding sheet, I see that I need to have less waiting time and try to make my lesson more brief. I looked over my transcript transcript and I need to show more improvement in running my lesson. I din't give a safety statement and I needed to get the class more involved.

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  1. Martino,
    To start, you had a great demonstration, and your cues were very clear. These are two very important things, because it shows the students in your class exactly what you are looking for them to accomplish. Like you said, work on your level of enthusiasm! If it looks like you are not interested in what you are teaching, the students will definitely not be interested, and this will make your job much, much harder. Also like you said, make sure you project your voice louder, so the students can clearly hear what you are saying. When you teach a bigger class, and they are more spread out, you will have to be really loud so everyone can hear what you are saying, so you won't need to repeat it over and over.

    Before you let your students leave to work with their partners, it is a good idea to check for understanding, and make a safety statement. You did check for understanding at the end of the lesson, which is important, but it is a good idea to do it before the activity starts as well. Ask the students a question about the cues you presented to them, to make sure you know they understand exactly what is expected of them. A safety statement is always important to cover your back, even in a short lesson. Safety is the most important thing in the PE setting.

    You did a great job with 1 on 1 teaching, and giving feedback to the students in your class, and your positioning was good as well. It is still early in your teaching career, and you have plenty of time to recognize your weaknesses and improve them. Everyone has certain weaknesses, and as long as you can continue to learn from your mistakes, I have no doubt you will be a successful teacher one day. Keep working hard!