Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lab B Reflection

This was another obstacle and learning experience in my journey of becoming the best PE Teacher that I can be. Lab B was a unit for the whole class to teach different elements of the game of ultimate frisbee. The topic that I focused on and taught was dynamic defending. I started my class with my introduction. Than I asked three students to demonstrate good defending with one person defending. Than I went over the the cues and showed the cues with the students than demonstrating in slowmotion, which allowed me to pinpoint my cues. I allowed the class to break up in groups of three and went around the class giving feedback and giving intratask variation. I closed my lesson out and all there is left is improvement. Although Lab B was a progression from Lab A, I still need to work on different elements of my teaching. Confidence is mymain focus, and the experience is onstatnly coming.

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