Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lab B Reflection

This was another obstacle and learning experience in my journey of becoming the best PE Teacher that I can be. Lab B was a unit for the whole class to teach different elements of the game of ultimate frisbee. The topic that I focused on and taught was dynamic defending. I started my class with my introduction. Than I asked three students to demonstrate good defending with one person defending. Than I went over the the cues and showed the cues with the students than demonstrating in slowmotion, which allowed me to pinpoint my cues. I allowed the class to break up in groups of three and went around the class giving feedback and giving intratask variation. I closed my lesson out and all there is left is improvement. Although Lab B was a progression from Lab A, I still need to work on different elements of my teaching. Confidence is mymain focus, and the experience is onstatnly coming.

Click here to listen to my lab



Thursday, October 1, 2009

First obstacle in my journey

After watching my video of teaching the basic soccer pass, I saw a lot of room for improvement. In order, to progress in teaching I need to be more vocal, and show more enthusiasm. I made some mistakes due to nerves and inexperience. For one I turned my back to the class. Another, would be I should give more clear cut directions ofmy drill. The projection of my voice needs to be greater. Overall, I need to build confidence in my teaching abilities. Although, it is a lttle tougher teaching in front of my peers, it will help get to the next level for the future. I took notes on my positives and negatives, and now it is time to move forward!

As I looked at my time coding sheet, I see that I need to have less waiting time and try to make my lesson more brief. I looked over my transcript transcript and I need to show more improvement in running my lesson. I din't give a safety statement and I needed to get the class more involved.