Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lab C

This was my second to last teaching experience in EDU 255. In this lesson, I taught European Handball. My taching partner for this unit was Stephen Perez, and we tried not to overlapp the other lessons that were taught by the other students in class. I focused my lesson on the skills of goalkeeping. My cues for this was stay on your toes, keep good balance and hands up. I worked through different levels of warm up for the students and than progressively moved forward to more gamelike play and speed.
I started the lesson with an instant activity, than I introduced myself and the purpose for the class. I than demonstrated the skill and pinpointed the cues, that i wanted the students to focus on. I had them get a partner and lin4e up 10 to 15 yards away from one another and practice their hand-eye coordination by practicind shooting at one another within arms length at 50 percent. Than I had them do 2 drills that incorporated the students throwing skill and goalkeeping with a constant rotation. Adding the throwing skill was a plus, considering I scaffolded the skill from the previous lesson. I then closed out my lesson and told them what to look forward to in our next lesson.

lesson plan

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