Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lab D

I was privileged enough to teach I Dance for its first appearance at Suny Cortland. It was a successful, and I feel my best lesson yet! I tried to add creativity and a lot of activity and tasks to best fulfill the success that was targeted for this lesson. With just learning how to play the game within teaching the lesson, Bas (the I Dance creator) helped me learn and master the skill enough to teach the lesson with decent knowledge. It is a fun and activity system that attracts the students attention and gives them joy, while getting a workout!
I first introduced myself and told them the classes goals and purpose for the lesson. I than told them the cues I wanted to focus on and had a student demonstrate as I pinpointed the cues to give the students a visual. I than I had them practice a begginers pattern without going to the game yet. I than had them go over the patterns I gave them on while a metronome played in the background. I lastly had them play to games on the easiest levels possible. This gave way for Rachel to take over phase two of the I Dance activity. I closed the class, by giving all my students a star studded dancing shirt! I mean it did go with the theme of the lesson which was to qualify for the dance competition "Thriller @ Disney"!

lesson plan


lesson plan 2

Feedback analysis

time coding

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